Our Philosophy

Our philosophy for educating young children during their Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) years has developed from our 25+ years of experience in the field. It is based upon the belief that:

  • Secure and safe children have the freedom to become confident learners and succeed in the classroom;
  • Young children learn through their play, either alone or with peers, and through interaction with and manipulation of their environment; and,
  • When a young child’s family is involved and engaged in his or her educational experiences, a child’s success in the classroom soars.


St. Pius X Children’s Center Philosophy

Keep your child safe
Safe children can learn without fear. Parents can trust their children to loving educators who can then focus on the task of teaching your child what he or she needs to know to help them succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

Instill in your child a love of learning and build the self-confidence needed to try new things
Toddlers and young children can and do learn critical academic and thinking skills when actively engaged in play, either alone or with peers. Learning is fun and the brain is at ease to allow as much as possible for processing.

Have your child learn “How to Do School” successfully
While academic learning is a major component of success in school, so is learning to function as a member of a group, to take care of and responsibility for oneself, to ask questions when something is not understood, and to behave politely with others.

Get your child kindergarten-ready!
Through the years, kindergarten teachers have repeatedly asked us to help with readiness by developing these skills: cooperation, self-help, patience, “taking turns,” “lining up,” good manners, sitting still in meeting, respect for others and for property, and self-confidence.  If these are established, all “formal academics” will be successful!

Minister to and counsel a child’s whole family in a warm and friendly environment
We believe that the success of a child in a classroom is strongly correlated with the support a child receives from home. We work to build up and engage a child’s family, thereby providing the strongest environment possible for a young mind at work.