Illness Guidelines

Our published illness, health and safety policies and procedures ensure that the health and safety of all children are taken into consideration every day in the classroom. You may find these policies and procedures in full by reading St. Pius X Children’s Center Parent Handbook, PP 10-11 (“Management of Communicable Diseases”) and PP 17-18 (“Health and Safety”).


At the risk of infecting other children in the classroom, your child should be kept home from school on any day that he or she is experiencing any of the following symptoms or conditions:


  • Diarrhea and/or vomiting during the night or in the morning before school
  • Skin rash, unusual spots or untreated infected skin patches
  • Temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit taken by axillary method (under the armpit)
  • Sore throat or difficulty in swallowing
  • Conjunctivitis or pinkeye
  • Evidence of lice, scabies or other parasitic infestations
  • Severe coughing causing the child to become red or blue in the face or makes a
  • Difficult or rapid breathing
  • Yellowish skin or eyes
  • Whooping sound
  • Unusually dark urine and/or gray or white stools
  • Stiff neck or any communicable disease such as strep throat, chicken pox or scarlet fever


If we become aware of these symptoms or conditions in a child during the school day, we will immediately isolate the child in a room away from other preschool children and keep this child with a caring adult, employing a cot for rest as needed, until class is over or a parent or guardian can come to retrieve the child. The director reserves the right to contact the parent as needed for immediate dismissal.


All of our preschool staff are trained to recognize signs and symptoms of illness and in proper hand-washing and disinfection procedures. We follow the Child Day Care Communicable Disease Chart.


Read more about Illness and Safety:
St. Pius X Children’s Center Parent Handbook (PP 10-11, 17-18)

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