Essential Self-Help Skills for Success


Make it to the Potty on Time
With regard to Preschool or Pre-K, one of the most important self-help skills a child should have is the ability to use the restroom without assistance.  Some teachers may need to take from 8-10 children to the restroom at a time. You can imagine that a child who can remove his or her own clothes, wipe, flush, and wash hands without prompting is not only a huge help to the teacher, but has greater independence and builds self-confidence in the process.

Make it easy for your child to succeed.  Please refrain from putting a cute little belt on your child, tight jeans to snap, or a gymnastics outfit under your daughter’s clothes. All of these things prove difficult when trying to “make it to the toilet on time!” Ohio law mandates that elementary school teachers are not permitted in student restrooms, so please keep in mind that Kindergarten teachers will not be permitted to assist your child with restroom skills.


Dressing the Part
Another important skill for little ones is the ability to dress oneself to go outside: putting on and removing jackets, mittens (no gloves please!), zipping and buttoning.  Of course, our faculty will help, but we encourage our children to be independent to get them ready for the Kindergarten and elementary school years ahead.

We also ask our students to take their snack napkin and cup to the trash and push in their chair at the table.  They will surprise you if you have expectations for them!

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