Dressing for School 

Daily Dress Code

Please dress your child for school in washable, comfortable clothing that he or she can manage without adult help. Athletic shoes are required, as sandals and flip flops are not adequate for our playground and injuries can sometimes occur with this type of open, loose footwear.

Please assure that we have a weather-appropriate change of clothes for your child including a shirt, bottoms, underwear and socks in a labeled zippered, plastic bag, in case these are needed due to an accident or a spill.


Please assure that your child has proper outerwear when the weather demands it:  a seasonable coat, jacket or sweater, as well as a warm hat and mittens when the temperatures turn cold.

We strongly request mittens, as many children cannot manage gloves on their own. Label each item with the child’s name, in case they get separated from their owner. We attempt to get healthy outdoor exercise on every day of school that permits it.


Read more about:
Dress Code: St. Pius X Children’s Center Parent Handbook, P 6

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